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Reduce your Lighting Bill by up to 43%

LED Lighting Panels for Your Office

Example of an Installation Saving an Office
This 595X595mm LED Panel Light is designed to fit into a suspended ceiling with a 600x600mm grid dimension. In this type of installation, the typical application for this LED Panel would be for it to replace a 600x600 trough of 4 x600mm (2ft) T8/T5 Fluorescent Tubes. Based on 100 Troughs (with lights on for 8 hours per day, 20 days per month at a rate of £0.12pkWh):


LED 01


400 x 18w T8 Standard Fluorescent Tubes
Totals 17200 Watts
Life Expectancy max 15,000 Hrs
Monthly Running Cost: £134.00


100 x 40w LUMiLIfe 595X595 LED Panel
Total 4000 Watts
Life Expectancy max 50,000 Hrs
Monthly Cost £77.00

43% Cost Savings & Lasts Over 3 Times Longer

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